Hey Awesome Girl is a marketing agency focused on crafting beautiful, valuable and authentic experiences, particularly for women and female business owners in order to help them work smarter, play bigger and live fuller. Our work is thoughtful, emotional, impactful and intentional.

About Tivi

Hey, I’m Tivi (pronounced Tivvy) and I run this fun, quirky marketing agency. My goal is to be able to create daily and help as many women as I can in the process.

Before launching this company, I lead marketing teams and projects in non-profit and commercial companies. I’ve grown businesses and audiences, managed million dollar budgets, led large marketing teams and generated seven-figure contracts.

I’ve taken all of my experiences, goals, and passions and combined them into this little agency, Hey Awesome Girl. I’m building a community for women who have big dreams of building beautifully sustainable companies. Women who want their lives to feel good and who want an open, nurturing community to keep them inspired, accountable and focused.

Welcome to our world!

Hey Awesome Girl Mission:

To help female entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, crafters, designers and other creators build and grow companies that empower their lives.


Hey Awesome Girl Vision, by 2022:

Build a community of


Contribute to

in revenue for women-owned businesses


books or apps for our community.

And…to finally be able to rap Lil Wayne’s “6 foot 7 Foot” without screwing up the lyrics.

Are you an awesome girl?

Hey Awesome Girl Values

ManiPlanning – We also believe that planning should be beautiful, emotional, inspiring and infused with the power of storytelling and manifestation.

LOL –  We love to laugh and aren’t afraid to sprinkle a few corny jokes, weird puns or just straight up silliness into our work.

Playful competition – We compete with ourselves, our results and our goals to produce the best experiences for our audiences…then we celebrate our-damn-selves.

Vulnerability – We believe there’s power in authenticity and vulnerability is the key to authenticity.

Gold – “Gold” is how we describe the quality of our work. It is beautiful, solid and top quality, and — like gold — it may be as sophisticated as a crown or as ratchet as a grill, depending on what you need.

Flirt – We design our content to be seductive and personalized just for awesome girls. If you don’t like it — no worries — there are more fish in the sea.

Ship it – We don’t believe in perfect, we believe in progress, so we ship projects regularly just to make sure we’re moving forward.

Brave magic – We are magical because we are brave women. We are brave because we believe in ourselves and our vision. We infuse brave magic in everything we do.

Awesome brand + communications for the boss, beautiful, bookish and badass.