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We are for the girls who are ready to choose themselves


Hey Awesome Girl isn't for everyone.πŸ™…πŸΎSorry, not sorry. We are for females who are ready to live lives that feel abundant, beautiful and intentional. Chicks who want to be free to create the impact that their souls are calling for. Women who want to exist in a way they never felt like they could before.

"I want to help women get free by using digital entrepreneurship as a catalyst for self-growth, confidence growth and money bag growth."

Tivi Jones
CEO, Hey Awesome Girl

3 months from now...


…You could have an abundant business, a beautiful, stunningly engaging brand and a marketing communications plan to boot.

No more brand shame. No more jerry-rigging things together. No more reactionary living.

Just more time to focus on your work and your life. More compliments from your peers. More “this is what I’m meant to do” moments.

More heart eyes at you, girl. 😍

Building your empire doesn't mean you have to do it alone!


We believe there's room enough for everyone. We believe in collaboration over competition. We believe in YOU!

Our mission is to help female entrepreneurs, professionals, writers, crafters, designers and other creators build and grow companies that empower their lives.


Is Hey Awesome Girl for you?


We're growing our online community of women who are ready to transform the way they do life and business. We'd love to support your vision.



We do this all through our 24/7 online community so you get to work at your own pace.

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Free Weekly Business Resources

All the information you need is broken down step-by-step in our awesome guides. All of your questions will be answered.

Free Monthly Webinar or Training

Every month we'll walk you through the ins and outs of how to accomplish a goal, set up a system or conquer a strategy for your business.

Hear the Podcast First

We get actionable insights from inspiring women who are building beautiful and abundant empires. Launching soon. Join our community to hear it first!

Re-usable Templates

Get proven business, marketing and design templates to save you time and help you grow your digital business in no time!

Quarterly In-depth Courses

From branding, to websites, to social media, to project management and more... take our in-depth courses for FREE every month. Save over $100 every quarter by being a member.

Seasonal Magazine

Launching in 2020, this beautiful magazine will include inspirational insights, more step-by-step trainings and lots of special surprises for the awesome girls in our community.

Invites to Member-Only Events

Connect with like-minded awesome girls all over the world with our member only events designed to uplift, inspire and celebrate your individual awesomeness.

Some features only available with our PRO membership option

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Hey Awesome Girl is a free membership community that helps you learn and grow in digital business practices. We provide free trainings and resources and events to help you create a life that feels good and feels free. 

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