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For the past 12 years, I've helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses, their teams, their profits and their confidence.

...and now, it's your turn πŸŽ‰πŸ’°

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Tivi working from her laptop in Greece

You want to 

βœ… Turn your idea into a profitable business that doesn't stress you out!

βœ… Get out of your head and do what it takes to succeed in your craft

βœ… Shift to a new career, or have the courage to end a bad business partnership finally

βœ… Stop stressing and learn how to create a business that feels good to run (99% of the time)

βœ… Skyrocket your business to $1 million (or more) in revenue

βœ… Create more freedom for yourself than you ever imagined

βœ… Be more confident at work and finally get that promotion

I got you!


What does your biggest, juiciest, most delicious business dream look like?


Whether you want to run a million-dollar international agency with a dozen remote employees, summer Fridays and business trips, and paid summer break (like me), or you want to create a beautifully intentional lifestyle business that easily pays the bills and gives you tons of freedom...

...if you can dream it. I can help you achieve it.

Come ready to be fully devoted to this goal, and I guarantee, I can help you achieve it!

#Goals, but #IRL 

You're ready to play bigger NOW!

No more waiting for the perfect time. Spoiler alert: the perfect time is NOW! No more putting off your goals until you feel ready. GET READY NOW!

Stop waiting for permission and decide for yourself.

I promise you: if you commit to six months of devotion to your dreams, your life, bank account, family, happiness, career – everything – can look different six months from now.

Private coaching with me is designed to empower you to achieve your biggest, most-delicious dreams!

Make an investment in yourself and prepare for 12 coaching sessions with me, top resources for my team and me, and text and email support.

You're ready to:

Learn proven strategies

Stop wasting time on things that don't work and implement strategies that will help you make a big impact.

Focus on what matters

Get laser focused and devoted to that big idea, big dream or project that can change your life.

Get accountability and support

Work with a coach with life coaching training, 12 years of business experience, certifications, and more!


About Me

Tivi Jones, founder and CEO of Hey Awesome Girl

Hi I’m Tivi πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

I’m a Marketing Communications Consultant that helps femmepreneurs increase their confidence, earn more money, and create freedom for themselves—through the power of consulting. 

I’ve been a professional consultant since 2010, earning over $1 million from my expertise and serving hundreds of clients through agency work, group coaching, products, and training. 

I’ve been featured on PBS,, People en Español, and Rolling Stone and built my successful consulting company around the mission of “pleasure, ease, and abundance.”

I'd be thrilled to help you achieve your business and career goals!

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