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Hey, awesome girl...

I'm Tivi, a successful digital consultant since 2010, and I'm here to help you have more pleasure, ease and abundance in your life. I teach digital consulting business strategies to awesome femmepreneurs.

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if work didn't feel like work? If it felt effortless? What if you could create your own schedule, charge what you want for your knowledge and be in complete control of your success?

The great news, babe, is you don't have to wonder because I can help you do this! Like, now.

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Did you know...

according to a recent survey* 53% of consultants make $5000 or more per month, with 29% making more than $10,000 per month?

This isn't just big firms either. I was able to build my single-member consulting practice to 5-figures per month with just me. And since hiring a team we've be able to maintain high 5- and sometimes 6-figures per month in revenue!

And with technological advances, building your own consulting practice that allows you to work with clients from all over the globe is possible. 

The photo above is of me in Santorini, Greece, cracking open my laptop to check in on my business progress while hopping around Europe for 2 weeks.

Increasingly, taking control and  building a thriving consultancy is a viable way to instantly increase income and chip away at the gender and racial wealth gaps.

The Power of Consulting

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Your Brain

There are things you're good at that provide real business or life results for those who don't have your experience.

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Real Revenue

Your experience is problem solving and that problem solving is worth cold, hard cash.

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A Business

Put the systems and processes in place to make your problem solving repeatable and you have a consulting business!

...And you don't have to be perfect to get started!

You just need the right tools to help you build, market and scale your consulting business!

Welcome to The Boss Squad, brought to you by Hey Awesome Girl.

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Work with a team that is 100% invested in helping you become a fun, fabulous and free entrepreneur! 

The Hey Awesome Girl Boss Squad is a group consulting and accountability program that gives you the power of a full-service agency, the inspiration of a mentorship program, and the motivation of a coaching program all in one – and for a fraction of the cost.
The Boss Squad is for ambitious business owners—a.k.a. you, boss babe—who want to accomplish their big entrepreneurial goals in a supportive community. Monthly support from a full-service agency—a.k.a. us, Hey Awesome Girl—will help you integrate new systems, strategies, and resources to save time, make more money, and enjoy more freedom as a full-time six-figure consultant.

Some program benefits include:

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Monthly Consulting Calls

Bring your challenges and we’ll help you solve them, every single month.

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New monthly templates

Get fresh new templates and checklists each month that make running your business easier!

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Private Community

Get feedback and support from like-minded womxn.

Includes more than 100 videos, articles, templates and resources covering:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online business operations
  • Project Management
  • Revenue Growth Planning

...and much, much more!

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Photo of Tara Romano

"The small but mighty team at Hey Awesome Girl (HAG) were just what we needed, offering staff expertise in marketing, program planning, virtual event hosting, and video production.

Our first virtual gala not only reached more people across the state than we ever have, the HAG team’s expertise helped us incorporate new ideas into our program that we plan to continue using at future events and galas. We also raised more money than we ever had at past galas, while presenting a professional and tech-savvy yet intimate program to our audience. We could not have done this without the team at Hey Awesome Girl!"

Tara Romano
Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

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* based on 2019 survey from Advicetap Digital Inc.