Please Note: Hey Awesome Girl can help with a variety of marketing, pr/communications, website and design projects. Below are some of our design services, but if you need help with something specific, feel free to contact us.

Beautiful + Boss

Your brand is more than just your logo, it’s an experience. And your website should reflect who you are and the highest, most beautiful aspirations of your business.

If you’re ready for brand and website design that is simple, purposeful and crafted to help you grow, let’s talk!

You need help bringing your vision to life…

You’re tired of taking a MacGyver approach to your branding and website – jumping from Photoshop to Canva and back again, desperately trying to make things beautiful and effective is exhausting.

How do you create a brand that feels right? How will you design a website that reflects the professionalism you want to portray? How do you maintain a consistent visual identity without stressing out? You’re not a design or branding professional. You just want to run your business and look good doing it.

Is there a way to get beautiful and boss brand and website design in a time and cost-effective way?

Hey Awesome Girl is here to help. We create beautiful and sophisticated branding and websites for companies that want a clean, welcoming aesthetic. 

Take a look at our packages below and contact us if you’re ready to finally create a brand that feels like home.

Previous Branding & Website Projects With…

Our Design Process

With a designer’s eye and a marketing analyst’s brain, we take an art + science approach to crafting brands and websites that are both fiercely attractive and functionally efficient.


Before we start the design work, we’ll need to get to know your goals and aesthetic with a questionnaire and a secret Pinterest board for inspiration.


The design process starts with designing and refining your color palette and logo, then we’ll work on your other design elements.

Website Design

Finally, we’ll design your WordPress website. Once it’s ready, we’ll hop on a video chat for a 30-minute website training session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you design websites with?

Great question! We’ll design your site using WordPress. WordPress powers 30% of the whole internet and is extremely customizable and powerful. Plus it’s a FREE content management system. We’ll craft your website so that it’s simple to use once the design process is over.

What if I already have a logo, how can you help?

That’s great news! As you know, your logo is just one small part of your branding. Maintaining a beautiful, consistent and powerful brand is a combination of strategy, visual and verbal branding. Our branding service doesn’t just give you design files to use, it gives you a system and clear guidelines for maintaining consistency with your audience. Branding consistency improves brand awareness, limits friction and increases the likelihood of getting new clients and customers.

What if I need more help than just design?

We’re happy to help! We can help with a range of branding, website and marketing projects including communications strategies, marketing automation creation, marketing management, SEO and more. When you submit your contact form, let us know what other services you need, and we can discuss them during your design consultation. We’ll provide a separate quote for any additional services.

Do I need to purchase a domain and hosting before we can work together?

Not at all. We can help you purchase low-cost domains and hosting while we work together. However, if you already have a domain, we can redirect your domain to your new website once it’s ready!

What’s the process like working with Hey Awesome Girl for design?

A blast, of course! 🙂 We follow a very specific process to maximize efficiency and results. Our goal is to maintain a beautiful, organized and efficient branding process, so here’s a high-level overview of what that process is like:

  • You submit the contact form to let us know you’re interested in our design services and we’ll get back to you within 3 business days.
  • We schedule a 30-minute consultation call to discuss your project.
  • You complete the official pre-work.
  • We create your branding and style guide and complete revisions
  • We build your website wireframe
  • We create site mockups
  • We build your live site
  • We transfer your site to you

For more step-by-step details of the process, deliverables, etc., contact us to schedule a design consultation.

How does payment work?

A 30% deposit is required to secure your spot in our schedule. 50% of the balance is due at the start of your project, and the other 50% is due when the project is complete but before the final site and files are handed over.

Are your services only for women?

Of course not! We’re 177% for female empowerment and celebration, but we don’t just work with female business owners or companies that serve women. If you’re looking for clean, beautiful and affordable branding and website design and clear step-by-step guides for maintaining brand consistency, we can help you.

I’m nervous to take the plunge. How do I know that Hey Awesome Girl is the right option for me?

That’s fair and we’d rather hash out the nerves up front so we can focus on a beautiful experience. Warm fuzzy feelings aside, Hey Awesome Girl is run by Tivi Jones, an industry professional with more than a dozen years of experience working on marketing, communications, design and business development projects with brands like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Boeing, Cisco, North Carolina State University, Carolina Parent magazine, PBS, and several small and micro-businesses. The Hey Awesome Girl design process has been refined from all of that experience, plus additional training and certifications from Hubspot, Marie Forleo, Melyssa Griffin and more to be simple, thoughtful and powerful. It’s a distillation of expertise, success, and heart to create designs that work. We also maintain a team of stellar consultants to assist on projects. These consultants are knowledgeable, experienced and – most important to us – thoughtful communicators who are champions in our clients’ success.

That’s what Hey Awesome Girl brings to the table. That’s what we deliver.

However, we cannot read your mind, nor design based on fuzzy, unspecific ideas, so you need to come to the table with a willingness to communicate clearly and deliver the tasks we need from you in a timely and thoughtful manner. One of the reasons we maintain a strict design process is to limit confusion and increase the success of our projects. We’ve seen what it’s like when projects go off the rails.

We’ll do our part to maintain a beautiful and productive partnership, but you have to do yours as well.