Grow Your Lifestyle Business

Get growth hacking strategies to help you improve your online branding, solidify your website marketing and propel your business results to free yourself to live with more intentionality.

Section 1 : A clear brand strategy

Your brand is not just your logo and your brand strategy is not just: “I will use blue as my signature color.: Learn the 5 things that make up a modern brand and how you can simplify your “brand” with one short sentence or phrase.

Section 2: A refined audience profile

Your product is the key to unlocking your perfect target audience. Learn the 2 questions that matter most for determining your target audience and my secret weapon when it comes to making your brand unforgettable with your target audience.

Section 3 : A 24/7 sales assistant

Your conversion goal is crucial for the sustainability of your business. Discover the #1 conversion goal you should be focusing on and learn why spending your time on social media could actually be hurting your business.

Section 4: Growth Hacking 101

High-powered and high-revenue startup companies use growth hacking to produce explosive growth for their businesses. Learn the framework that’s fueling their success and discover how it can help your business.

Section 5 : Your Marketing Megaphone

Ready to make your funnel more impactful, more effective and more intentional. Turn your successful growth hacking funnel into a marketing megaphone designed for heart-centered results. Learn how in this section.



Tivi Jones


With more than a dozen years of experience in small business enterprise marketing, search engine optimization, communications, and branding, I’ve grown businesses and audiences, managed million dollar budgets, led large marketing teams and generated seven-figure contracts.

I’m THRILLED to teach you what I know.



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