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Hi, I’m Tivi…

I’m ruthlessly seeking my joy. And I don’t mean that in a head-in-the-sand, white-washed love and light kind of way. Yes, there’s plenty of love and light, but there’s also self-work, hard truths, dark-night-of-the-soul shit too. Why does this matter? Because I’d wager you’re looking to transform your life too.

Each week, I’ll share content that asks critical questions, shares impactful resources and helps you do more to strengthen, improve – and most importantly – CELEBRATE yourself as you seek your joy.

 Hey Awesome Girl is a creative studio by women of color for women of color that leverages storytelling and growth-driven design to help women work smarter, play bigger and live fuller. Through custom weekly content, we help women re-think, re-frame and re-love their lives – from the inside out.

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