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Lifestyle Business Design for Creating a Beautiful Life


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
- Maya Angelou

Hey, awesome girl! I’m so glad you could make it. 

I’m Tivi – rhymes with privy – and this is the little company I’m building to create the life of my dreams. My goals are to free myself to live with intentionality, embrace my feminine power and invoke all of my Black Girl Magic. 🦄

I’ve always wanted to create a lifestyle business, which is a business that exists to support the lifestyle I want, the way I want. So that’s what I’m creating every day at Hey Awesome Girl. This website is my lifestyle business, but it’s also a journal of my progress as a new lifestyle entrepreneur and it’s a community for awesome girls who also want to create sustainable businesses that empower their lives.

This community embraces the biggest of dreams, celebrates progress over perfection, laughs heartily and often, empowers our sisterhood and believes in the power of Oprah-style hugs. You know, the hugs where the hugger’s arms wrap all the way around you and the bosom feels safe and empowering and smells pleasantly of amber and sandlewood. Cuz that shit is magic.

If any of this calls you, please join our orbit!

I’d be happy to meet you,



PS: I use adult language on this site. So if you don’t like that shit,✌🏾bye, girl.

Stay tuned. We’re launching soon!

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