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We create targeted media buys to optimize reach

Hey Awesome Girl pairs thoughtful creative assets with savvy targeting tactics to reach your audience with content that resonates. Digital and news media buys are designed to meet custom specifications based on demographics, geography, and user intent to create awareness and inspire action for your campaign.

animated video ad on smart phone screen
close-up video still of vaccine with ONSMS branding
Wash, Wear, Wait, then Vaccinate infographic

We define a media mix allowing for multiple touch points in a range of platforms, include live and on-demand TV, digital placement, social media, and retargeting users with previous contact on your website or social media.

Reservation + scheduling

We coordinate with partner media companies to secure ad buys.

Collateral delivery

We deliver creative to each media agency based on their specifications.

Retargeting + conversion

We work with you to install tracking mechanisms, allowing you to retarget potential customers.

Result tracking

We analyze ad results and recommend adjustments for improving effectiveness.

Report delivery

We deliver a formal ad report at the end of each campaign to help you understand the contribution of our services.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Tell us about your upcoming project and let us work to create a meaningful campaign that targets your audience with compelling creative.


Additional Services

Custom Website Design for Performance and SEO Marketing

Website Optimization to Grow Your Business Every Month

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