Mojo VIP Day

Mojo VIP Days are an innovative, results-driven approach to optimize marketing strategy and increase conversions for you and your business. Work alongside our award-winning team of experts and quickly align with your goals and vision to curate a short list of deliverables that create AWESOME results!


We want to run a marathon of creative consulting with you.

True Story: We used to only take clients on a monthly basis, but we found that wasn’t always what our clients needed.

As our schedule got busier, we started doing “marathon sessions” with companies. We found we LOVED the speedy-quick, ultra-output flow that resulted in a list of deliverables and instructions for clients, empowering them to take the reigns of their business.

We don’t need a long consulting lead time to create AMAZING results for your brand.

How It Works

Work directly with our Emmy award-winning, digital marketing certified team to give your business the momentum it needs to succeed. Each VIP day includes:

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Strategy Session

A focused phone or video chat to strategize and confirm the goals and deliverables for your session

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Work Block

Our team collaborates to create up to 5 customized items you need for your business

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Post-Session Wrap Kit

Guidance, goodies, encouragement for you, and email nurturing as we check in on your progress

What can you do with a Mojo Session?

Tons! Locking down intense business results doesn’t need to be painful, or sluggish. It can be rollicking, riveting…and rapid.

One session of casting strategic spells could equal:

  • Solid company brand style guide
  • Pimped-out social networking profiles
  • Year-long marketing calendar, done
  • Impressive email newsletter layout
  • Kick-ass marketing automation
  • Massive PR campaign, roasted
  • And much, much more

Give us one half-day of dedicated [insert name of your business here] time. We’ll rock out to the unique sounds of your business and put processes in place to help you kick some major BUTT.

MOJO Sessions deliver 4 hours of strategic consulting (plus prep time) + an actionable Wrap Kit + access to our award-winning team!

Mojo VIP Sessions are a $9,997 investment.

If you’re interested in working with us on one supreme, kick-ass session designed to help you create hype with heart, money and meaning, sign up below in 3 easy steps.

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Reserve Your Spot

Click the “Book Your Session” button below to make a deposit and reserve your spot on our calendar. You pay 50% of the total MOJO Session fee to book your session. You’ll be invoiced for your remaining balance, due 48 hours before your session.

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Select Your Date

Once you reserve your spot, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to pick a time for our collaborative session. This session may be completed via phone or video chat. Please note: sessions fill up fast, so expect to book at least a few weeks out.

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Complete the Survey

Once you pay your deposit and reserve your slot, complete your Pre-Mojo Session (Awesome) Survey to let us know what you need. Please complete this survey AT LEAST two weeks before your session to give our team time to prepare.

Pick Your Focus

Tell us what you need and make MOJO work for you!


Lay the groundwork for an awesome new year.
You'll receive:

  • 2023 Roadmap
  • Digital Audit
    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing


Level-up your business image with clear visual guidelines.
You'll receive:

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Newsletter Template
  • Social Media Templates


Solidify your goals with a clear plan for the year ahead.
You'll receive:

  • 2023 Marketing Calendar
  • Optimized Profiles for Social Media


Choose your own adventure with a custom MOJO Session.
Examples include:

  • Custom Public Relations Campaign
  • Comprehensive Website Audit

Find Your Mojo

Book a session today and get the jumpstart your business needs to accelerate, grow, and thrive.

Spots are limited, so hurry! Don't put your business on the back burner.