Tivi Jones

(Tivi rhymes with privy)


My name is Tivi Jones. I run a creative agency called Hey Awesome Girl, where I help brands leverage art and science to produce exceptional results.

I have 14 years of experience serving brands and my marketing communications expertise has been trusted by brands like PBS, North Carolina State University, Carolina Parent Magazine, Cisco, Biogen Idec, Forward Cities, and more.

I want to leverage my unique process of running marketing communications programs to position NOBLE as an overall leader in the non-profit space in terms of branding, reach, efficiency, conversion and retention.


High Art + High Tech


My approach to marketing communications is a hybrid between the craft of awesome storytelling and the journey of scientific experiments. I’ll combine thoughtful brand-building with a Pirate Metrics growth hacking framework. Some additional elements include:

Target Audience Development

Determine the psychographics of your target audience to better craft your content to convert them.

Brand Codification

Create guidelines for the visual and verbal representation of your brand.

Customer Journey

Get clarity on your customer journey and how to improve the process to produce more impactful results.

Pirate Metrics Methodology

Use a multi-step framework designed to organize marketing communications activities.

Frequent Experiments

Conduct consistent experiments to help you understand what produces sustainable and repeatable success. 

Storytelling + Scientific Experiments

Brand building + Pirate Metrics

Why Pirate Metrics?

The Pirate metrics framework is a marketing methodology designed to measure results and increase growth. Basically, it’s a specific series of strategic categories of activity within your overall marketing communications program. This methodology is particularly helpful for membership organizations because it’s designed to drive continual membership and leverage the members to produce new opportunities for additional revenue.



This is a framework that I introduced to UNC-TV, the statewide PBS network of North Carolina, in 2017 as a way to help the organization do 3 things:

■ Better organize work
■ Better track impactful results
■ More effectively breaking down silos between departments


The categories of the methodology are:

awareness, acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, referral


Art + Science

Years of Experience

NOBLE + Hey Awesome Girl

Below is the high-level marketing communications methodology I would employ as your marketing communications consultant, using the my art + science approach:



Develop and execute comprehensive editorial calendars. Build and maintain relationships with media outlets.

Measure: reach and engagement


Develop and execute a 3-tiered email marketing strategy.

Measure: email list subscribers and social subscribers

(Combined with the traditional growth hacking “activation” phase)


Execute smaller and persistent membership driving activities as well as an annual membership drive.

Measure: number of members, conversion rate and conversion turn-around time


Run internal marketing campaigns designed to delight, engage and maintain members, and – most importantly – remind them of the value of NOBLE while they are members.

Measure: ARR, churn rate


Leverage your members to create a marketing street team, via referral programs and engagement campaigns.

Measure: referral rate 

The most important thing about this process – and what makes it so powerful – is how you run experiments for this on a consistent basis. What this would look like for NOBLE is running monthly experiments on a different part of the funnel.

An example of one experiment:

During July, the month before which you have your annual training conference and exhibition, your experiments could be around “Awareness.”

An example of an experiment:

Before your winter symposium in February, you test donation asks on your website to see whether or not a fixed/persistent donation button produces more results.

Marketing Communications is more than its parts…

It’s not about marketing or PR or social media or branding or newsletters separately. It’s about strategically leveraging the combination of everything to create a consistent, comprehensive and results-driven program.

Thank you for your time!


Tivi Jones