You want to be free....

But let’s be real, sis. How much is it going to take for you to buy your freedom?

Would $20,000/month help? 💰 It definitely helped me. 

Let me show you how I did it.  

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Consulting Kickstart: How I went from $0 to $20,000/month is a 4-day, interactive training program that teaches proven consulting business strategies to ambitious professionals who want to use technology and their expertise to build a thriving digital consultancy in order to build lives they are excited to live.

Whether you’re brand new to online business or already established and want to use expert strategies to grow and scale your consultancy, Consulting Kickstart will empower you to build your own business – based on the power of your own brain and willpower – one with bigger profits, higher purpose and tremendous freedom.

Consulting Kickstart will help you create a thriving consulting business!

It’s my personal mission to help more women – especially women of color – be free. I know from experience that consulting is a mechanism for that. Entrepreneurial consulting is a powerful tool. Let’s not leave it to just men. Let’s put your mark on this world. Consulting Kickstart can show you how.


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How does Consulting Kickstart work...

Consulting Kickstart is an in-depth training designed to teach you the basics of how to launch, scale and grow a successful online consulting business.

Lessons are delivered over the course of 4 days and include step-by-step instructions and workbooks for following along.

It’ll have you ready to run a profitable consulting business in 4 days flat.

🗣Ready to Take Your Side Hustle for $0 to $20,000/month

What's included in the Consulting Kickstart Training

6 key ESSENTIALS for any online business to be successful

Learn the basics of what every online consulting business needs to succeed. Skip years of guesswork, avoid wasting money on the wrong things, and eliminate overwhelm by focusing on what will actually make your virtual business successful.

$295 value



5 Blocks that keep entrepreneurs from scaling their online consulting revenue (hint: it’s not technology!)

In over 10 years of running a virtual business – from running a business that made $20,000 per year to one that makes more than $20,000/month – Tivi Jones has learned what things block revenue and she’ll teach you so you can avoid those mistakes. 

$195 value


What tools and tech are CRUCIAL for you no matter where you are or when you work

If you want to build a profitable business that you can run from anywhere, it’s going to take some technology to do so, but – trust us – don’t go overboard. Nothing stalls progress faster than using too many systems or the wrong systems. We’ll show you EXACTLY which tools and tech you need.

$95 value


How being a “hacker” can help you 4x your revenue – and why it’s easier than you think

Will making 4x the revenue take 4x the work? Nope! Not if we have anything to do with it. We’ll show you a system that ANYONE can use to plan for month-over-month revenue growth. Get ready to blow your revenue goals out of the water.

$295 value


Commit to building your 6-figure business – join today!

Consulting Kickstart: How I went from $0 to $20,000/month is a $880 value – delivered to you for free (for a limited time)!

Value: $880 | Regular cost: $495Your cost today: $0



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