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Your Customized Path to Creating Bigger Profits, More Freedom, and Profound Clarity in Your Business.

Get a one-on-one online marketing consulting, structured goal acquisition system and heart-centered marketing strategy for your business.

Are you living your dreams or your fears?

Remember those big dreams you had when you first created your business?

Perhaps you wanted to create a sustainable company that allowed you to work when and where you wanted. Maybe you wanted to free yourself to travel more and take your beautiful business wherever you could take your laptop. Or possibly you wanted to be able to scale your income more easily based on your efforts.

Are you living your dream?

A dream without a plan is just a dream, not a goal.

Have you put the right system, platform and community in place to make your dream a goal? Or is it just a wish? A hope? A dream deferred?

This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but it needs to be thoughtful, strategic, and focused. And it requires an experienced hand.

My Growth Hacking Playbook service helps turn your dreams into goals by leveraging an expert online marketing audit, online branding system and website marketing platform for your business and goals.

Goal Clarity

We’ll outline your dreams and make them clear, actionable and accomplishable goals

A Proven System

Get a clear, automated system for accomplishing your goals with online branding and website marketing.

Strategic Platform Marketing

Leverage a strategic step-by-step online marketing platform to drive results for your business.

Expert business audit

Get a detailed review of your digital platforms and an actionable plan for improving results.

Better Results

Get more leads, better customers, bigger profits… and closer to the original dreams you had for your business. Guaranteed.

“Tivi is a creative, professional and talented marketing and digital media specialist. She keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies and applies them to benefit her clients. She meets deadlines and works well under pressure. She’s also a pleasure to work with, never losing her cool or her sense of humor.”

Odile Fredericks, GoTriangle

With each of my Growth Hacking Playbook clients we:

Get goal clarity

Often you have two goals: Your “golden” goal and your “safe” goal. Sometimes your “safe” goal will get you to your “golden” goal, but sometimes it does not. Everything should begin and end with that “golden” goal. We identify that goal and then we create the playbook based on that goal.

Focus on results

Simple is beautiful… and simplicity starts with focus. We will focus – obsessively – on creating systems that support your “golden” goal. Forget the BS. Forget the vanity metrics. Don’t waste time on things that don’t move the needle for your real goals. These things aren’t just distractions. They are poison for your business. Your Growth Hacking Playbook gives you permission to NOT focus on these things.

Build a Profitable Community

There’s plenty of room in this digital world for every motivated entrepreneur to find success, but if you’re not willing to do the work you👏🏾 will👏🏾 not👏🏾 win👏🏾. Our Growth Hacking Playbook community building strategies are designed to help you work in more impactful ways that support your growth and get you closer to your goals.

This service is called a Growth Hacking Playbook because growth hacking is not about waiting to achieve perfection. Growth Hacking isn’t about the “big reveal” them resting on our laurels. Growth Hacking – the Hey Awesome Girl way – is about empowering your work with actionable data, shipping shit before you’re “ready,” focusing on business sustainability (GROWTH), testing and improving, and enjoying the journey of learning and growing.

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This service is for you if one or more of these things are true:

You have a business, but you’re having trouble achieving sustained success.

Your success is either spotty or somehow you’ve gotten off track from what you originally wanted for your business.

You need help connecting your marketing strategies to your goals.

You feel pressured to push off your true goals for things you’ve heard you should be doing or metrics you’re not sure are profitable for your business.

You’re not afraid to do the work and invest the time doing the right things for yourself and your business.

You know the sooner you start focusing and working towards your real goals, the more quickly you’ll accomplish them.

If any of this excites you or hits you where you live, we might be a good fit for each other.

“Tivi is a skilled multi-tasker and handles huge projects with grace and ease. She is very organized and our company has relied on her time and again…I highly recommend her if you need a social media expert, public relations specialist and event coordinator wrapped into one.”

Elizabeth Shugg, Editor at Carolina Parent and Where®

This service is NOT for you if:

You want a get-rich-quick magic pill.

We believe in magic and miracles, but we also believe that you get what you give. We don’t work with people who are still outlining chapter 1, but they expect chapter 10 results.

You aren’t willing to dig into your business and mentality truthfully and authentically.

We HAVE to dig into that stuff. We HAVE to address it. We HAVE to acknowledge the basic bitch in order to embrace the queen. That’s what a glow-up is all about, sis…

You don’t “believe” in online branding or website marketing.

We can understand if you’re intimidated by online branding or website marketing, but we don’t work with businesses that don’t believe in them. Online branding and website marketing are essential for you to build an empire that you actually own. One that isn’t at the mercy of social media algorithms.

You have a bad attitude and love complaining.

We believe in a good bitching & moaning session, but each B&M sesh should have an expiration and an action plan. But what we’re not gon’ do is complain for the sake of complaining or rest in a state of negativity. We don’t need that energy in our orbit.

If any of this scares you or gives you authentic pause, you’re not our audience. We wouldn’t make beautiful music together. You are not the father. ✌🏾

So how does the Growth Hacking Playbook Service work?

You’ll get a complete marketing audit, structured goal acquisition system and heart-centered marketing strategies for your business. But it’s more than woo-woo talking about your feelings. It’s about using proven marketing platforms and actionable data to improve your growth strategies. Our work is organized the following way:

Pre-work: Discovery
Phase 1: Goal Clarity + High-Impact Actions
Phase 2: System Optimization + Platform Discoverability
Phase 3: Community Development + Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Playbook Service includes:


1 beautiful kick-off planning session where we dig into your goals, your brand, and the schedule for our work


Complete written audit of your current digital marketing ecosystem with personalized recommendations for changes, organization, practices, and processes that will position your business for growth.


A two-month action guide of online branding and website marketing strategies and tactics designed to help you accomplish your goals.


2 one-on-one consulting calls per month for 3 months to track progress and results.


Detailed suggestions and strategies for improvements in the following areas:
⁃ website marketing;
⁃ social media marketing;
⁃ online branding;
⁃ Email marketing;
⁃ digital communications


Private Trello board for planning, executing and tracking progress

“I would definitely recommend…really helps to teach us some of the tools & insider knowledge that we need to succeed!”

– L. E. Harvey

3 months of growth hacking and marketing expertise for your business!

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We’ve created easy-to-follow systems to help you get the best results with a little investment. All it takes is a little time each week and learning to use Trello to execute the step-by-step strategies.



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