Wish you had more time to focus on your Instagram marketing?

Unsure how to make that happen?

You need: Thrive by Hey Awesome Girl!

We’re the automated and easeful Instagram marketing department that has your back.

Thrive by Hey Awesome Girl

Imagine every month receiving:

  • Done-for-you Instagram graphics
  • Powerful reels about your business
  • Recommended posting schedule
  • Written-for-you social copy that you don’t have to think about*
  • Recommended hashtags and growth strategy
  • Proven “Using Instagram for business” resources and training to help you up your game

*for Tier 3 clients only

Have your own marketing team ready to help you build, grow and scale.

Ready, Set, Thrive!

Spend just 1 hour per month with us and our team will do the rest to make your social media marketing purposeful, profitable and poppin’!

The best part: Hey Awesome Girl is your Instagram Marketing Department on Autopilot!

It’s time to have a marketing team that really has your back.

Each Level Features:

  • Expertly designed social media graphics
  • Special monthly goodies and surprises
  • Support from an award-winning creative team that has managed social media for (and trained individuals with) top universities, national non-profits, media brands, influencers, and more!
  • 10 Custom Posts
  • 10 Reel Templates
  • Access to Social Software
  • Prerecorded Trainings
  • Limited Email Support
  • 20 Custom Posts
  • 12 Reel Templates
  • 2 Custom Trend Strategies
  • Access to Social Software
  • Prerecorded Trainings
  • Limited Email Support
  • 30 Custom Posts
  • 30 Social Copy
  • 15 Reel Templates
  • 4 Custom Trend Strategies
  • Recommended Posting Schedule
  • Access to Social Software
  • Prerecorded Trainings
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Meeting

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Thrive cuts cost, saves time, and grows your existing Instagram strategy and storytelling efforts. Our multi-talented team can do just that!

Thrive, the digital marketing enhancement tool that scales to your needs and grows with you! ✨

We know you want to expand your Instagram marketing strategy, so tell us about you! We want to hear YOUR INSTA-WINS! Dig into your Instagram feed and plant the seeds for your messaging! In just 1 hour of your time, complete our Thrive pulse check to give our award winning experts a guide to your brand, mission, and how you want to grow with Thrive!

Leave the rest to us. πŸ˜‰ We got you boo!

Expertly designed graphics🀳🏾, actionable copy for improved engagementπŸ“, growth strategy on πŸ’―. Within 2 weeks you will receive monthly content that consistently aligns with market trends and evolves with your goals.

Your monthly drops will leave your Instagram feed thriving!

With Thrive, you have the power to choose the level you need to cultivate your marketing. Pick from 3 plans!

  • 🌱 Plant - Maintain your Instagram presence with fresh content to keep your audience engaged
  • ✨ Grow - Scale your Instagram marketing with regular content that engages your audience and attracts new followers 
  • πŸ‘©πŸΎ‍🌾 Harvest - Make people wonder “How do they do it?!” with timely trends, relatable reels, and powerful posts that position your brand for profits.

Are you ready to Thrive?


How It Works

  1. Choose your Thrive Level and add-ons - Customize your Thrive subscription when you choose from one of the 3 levels: Plant, Grow, Harvest. Give your subscription a boost with any of our one-time add-ons.
  2. Complete your Thrive pulse check - Dig into your Instagram feed and marketing goals with our guided survey and give our team of experts everything they need to develop the resources included in your subscription.
  3. Our team gets to work on your products. From carousel posts to reels, our skilled team of creatives has produced 1,000+ unique designs.
  4. Designs Delivered! Post-ready templates, custom graphics, and expertly written copy.

Why Instagram?

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs currently wearing all the hats in their business who want to take advantage of the 1.21 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

Instagram's visual focus gives it the most significant edge over other social media platforms. Instagram is the perfect medium for showcasing the top benefits of your products or the results of your services.

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