Crafting a 24/7 Sales Machine

A Website & Tech Course for Modern Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

  • Free Website Marketing Checklists
  • Printable checklists to use for your website and website marketing.
  • Recommended Website Tools
  • Learn the best tools and software to use to keep your website in check.
  • Future-proof your website
  • Get timeless tips for creating a website that delivers sales 24/7.

Ready to take your website to the next level?

Your website should function as a full-time employee for your business. When set up effectively, your website can deliver results for your business 24/7. An optimized website and website strategy can position your company for larger audiences, more loyal customers and bigger revenue.

Does this sound like you…

  • You have something to sell now, or will have something soon, but you aren’t sure how to get customers?
  • You know how to update your website, but aren’t sure if you’re doing it effectively?
  • You want to see how big companies think about websites and how you can translate those strategies for your business?
  • You haven’t done a website audit in the past year?
  • You feel like you’re wasting time on your website because it’s not gaining you any sales?

If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, this training is for you!



Ready to get the tools you need to turn your website into a 24/7 Sales Machine?

We’ve helped create websites for brands like…

…and many more

Here’s what is included:

Module 1: Goals, Design & Usability
      • Create a website strategy that works for your business goals.
      • Learn the best practices for managing your website and how to leverage them for your work.
      • Discover the dirty little secret about websites that may change the way you look at your own.
Module 2: Search Engine Optimization & Tech
      • Get website and SEO checklists to help you get better results and maintain growth momentum.
      • Get the exact workflow big brands like PBS use for website development and management.
      • Learn the best practices for managing your website and how to leverage them for your work.
Module 3: Tools, Data and Workflows for Sales
      • Learn how to make your own website data guide and toolkit.
      • Future proof your website.