Hey Awesome Girl

Hey Awesome Girl is the premier creative studio by women for women.

We leverage storytelling + growth-driven design to influence public narratives, increase brand power + activate buying decisions. We share and celebrate our stories via our high-tech publishing network + our high-art consulting services.

Our Mission

We help female entrepreneurs build + grow digital companies that empower their lives.

We offer products, trainings, events, resources + consulting for boss chicks to build virtual businesses. We want all women to use technology to free themselves + build enjoyable, abundant lives. To accomplish that, we have big goals for the future.

By 2025, we want to build a community of 10,000 female entrepreneurs and contribute to $5 million in revenue for women-owned businesses. We also want to publish 10 books to help our community flourish.

Our Awesome Team

Hey Awesome Girl is based in Durham, North Carolina. We are a hardworking team of gutsy, talented people striving to create a stronger, more sustainable future for ourselves + our communities with the help of technology + digital media.

Before founding Hey Awesome Girl, Tivi Jones led marketing initiatives in the non-profit and commercial sectors, managing million-dollar budgets and generating seven-figure contracts. All of Tivi's experiences, goals, and passions melded into this quirky little studio. Her goal is to create on the daily + help as many women as she can along the way.

Tivi Jones, Founder and CEO

Founder + CEO

Tivi Jones

Works to live, focused on growing her garden (+ her empire)


Operations Manager

Daman Johal

Operations fairy, Designated Team Mom, loves homework, skincare + Kate Spade


Human Resources Director

Amber Kelley-Scott

HR guru, loves Banana Republic

Mailande Moran, Branding and Editorial Strategist

Branding + Editorial Strategist

Mailande Moran

Curious quasi-nomad, collector of rad stationery, first person on the dance floor

Demi Vitkute

Media Manager + Producer

Demi Vitkute

SHE/HER Passionate storyteller + crazy cat mom trying to change the world

Heather Dollar

Creative Director

Heather Dollar

Aspiring mad scientist, just wants to make things + be surrounded by animals

Rajah Satterwhite

Marketing Manager

Rajah Satterwhite


Olivia Jones


Olivia Jones

The real boss lady

What We Believe In


We believe there’s power in authenticity and that vulnerability is the key to authenticity.

Playful competition:

We compete with ourselves, our results + our goals to produce the best experiences for our audiences. Then we celebrate our damn selves.


The quality of our work is beautiful, solid + top quality. And—like gold—it may be as sophisticated as a crown or as ratchet as a grill, depending on what you need.


We design our content to be seductive and personalized just for awesome girls.

Ship it:

We don’t believe in perfect, we believe in progress. We ship projects regularly to make sure we’re moving forward.

Brave magic:

We are magical because we are brave women. We are brave because we believe in ourselves and our vision. We infuse brave magic in everything we do.


We believe in approaching the future with a powerful combination of heart-centered manifestation and concrete planning. When we plan, we infuse the process with emotion, beauty + inspiration.


We love to laugh and aren’t afraid to sprinkle a few corny jokes, weird puns, or straight-up silliness into our work.

"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas."

- Shirley Chisholm

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