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Natalie Miles on Listening to Your Intuition

hey awesome girl with tivi jones Jun 07, 2022
Season 1: Episode 17

In the seventeenth episode of Hey Awesome Girl with Tivi Jones, you’ll meet Natalie Miles, the psychic medium and storyteller. Her mission is to make intuition more accessible through her popular spiritual podcasts, 'The Doorway' and 'So You Think You’re Intuitive?'

 Natalie Miles is a channeler for the collective, psychic medium, writer, storyteller, speaker, and the host of the top spiritual podcasts on iTunes and Spotify The Doorway and So You Think You’re Intuitive? It’s her mission to make intuition accessible and be the “door opener” for others to connect to their intuition.

In this episode, Natalie Miles talks to Tivi Jones about how she’s developed her intuition, the secrecy and shame around it, how to tap into your own natural gifts, diversity, and inclusion in the wellness industry, and advice for this year. 

Listen to your intuition and tune into this episode– it’s a gift to our audience as it inspires you to rediscover the power that you already have. 


Natalie first discovered that she was intuitive and psychic when she was 16. She used to work in film in various roles–as a producer and director. Her colleagues told her that she was great at her job because she always thought two steps ahead. “And I was like, I’m just using my intuition,” she says. But she reached a point where she became unhappy with the work that she was doing. She was self-employed and then employed when she moved from the UK to Canada. People thought she had a cool job and that she enjoyed it, but for Natalie– something was missing and she couldn’t quite figure out what. “It didn’t light me up anymore,” she says. 

Once in Canada, she started attending intuitive development circles and rediscovered the spiritual community. She had a mentor who told her – ”You know that you’re going to be doing this full-time, right?” She laughed because she didn’t believe this was something that could earn her money; she also felt that her intuition was a secret and she couldn’t show her full identity to the world. “I never imagined my life could look like that. It was so left field. And then literally 18 months later, I got this intuitive hit to start doing graphics and branding and readings on the side,” she says.  

Then, she got let go from her job because her boss thought she seemed unhappy. “At the time I was angry, but looking back– “I needed the push,” Natalie says. 



Natalie says there’s a fascinating connection between secrecy and shame. When we feel the shame of not being who we are and stepping into our true identities, that secretiveness shrinks our energy and takes our power away. Once, Natalie went to a women-led business networking event and was ashamed to tell strangers what she does for a living. She felt really uncomfortable because she was afraid of judgment and shame. As a backup, she’d say that she used to work in film because it felt more acceptable than being a psychic. Even now, talking Tivi, Natalie says she can still feel a little bit of shame even though she’s running a successful business. “It’s wild. Why would anyone want to hide it?” she says. 

Shame has a lot to do with society. 

“The power structures like government, health care, all the systems, don’t want us to be in our power because then that means they can’t control us,” Natalie says. 

She says adding money and religion to the mix creates a whole melting pot. “Then you see colonialism coming in and taking and ridiculing and shaming practices and gifts that have been passed on ancestrally from generation to generation that we hold in our bodies,” she says. 



How does intuition show up in our bodies? Natalie says we have an energetic body and our intuition shows up in it in different ways. We cultivate an individual relationship with our bodies. Natalie explains that there’s a misconception about the saying “trust your gut” because sometimes if we have anxiety or are going through something, our gut can bring up different feelings and sensations that we shouldn’t trust. 

 For Natalie, intuition is a knowing in the body that comes through seeing, feeling, or hearing. For example, it might be that your skin prickles, and the hairs on your arms go up. Sometimes your heart swells with energy and heat and feels like a “hell, yes.” On the flip side, Natalie says, it can be a big “hell no” when your stomach drops, the energy gets switched off and a cold breeze spreads through your body. 

When it comes to hearing, she says there’s a misconception about having to hear somebody else’s voice. “For me, the intuitive voice sounds just like me. But how do we differentiate your thoughts from intuition?”

Natalie explains that the difference between intuition and anxiety or your thoughts is that the intuitive voice comes in, gives you guidance, and then leaves. 

“The ego or fear voice will continue going round and round in your head versus intuitive voice will come in direct, calm, and then disappear,” Natalie says. 

There are a lot of ways the body can communicate and these are just a few of them. One of Natalie’s clients knew that her “spirit team” was connecting with her because her right foot would tingle every time– that’s how she knew she was making the right decision on something. 



Does Natalie feel the pressure to always make the right decisions because she’s highly intuitive?  

She says it’s very important to remember that we can talk about spirituality but we are still humans having experiences. She has moments where she’s questioning whether she’s making the right decision. During those moments, Natalie takes time off to listen to what her body is trying to communicate to her and switches off that exterior noise that’s making her doubt herself. 

She says being intuitively led does not equal life being easy. “I’d actually say by listening to your intuition, it’s more uncomfortable. It makes you step out of the comfort zone, where you are pushing to trust in some things that don’t make sense, but then later down the line, you realize that you’re glad you made that choice.” 

Natalie claims that everyone is intuitive, we just have to step into it. And once we do, we will be able to understand the planet, the structures, and the world better. 


Tivi asks whether Natalie ever experiences toxic relationships with her clients if they want her to tell them exactly what to do. 

Big time,” Natalie says. “My guides come in and they say ‘no, we are not gonna give you that answer or that insight because this is about you learning how to come to a decision on your own. We can show you the different parts, the energy associated with it, but in the end, there’s free will and choice.”  

She says there are some intuitives who create that relationship with clients, who always feel the need to come to them for decisions. “And that's part of that power structure even in the healing and spirituality community,” she says. In her one-on-one sessions or events, Natalie is always there to remind people that the answers and the power are already there within them. 


As a practitioner, Natalie does many things to improve herself. She loves breathwork. There are many practitioners who practice different forms of breath work, but it’s all about using your breath to move energy through your body and release emotions, heal trauma, bring things to the surface or help you get intuitive messages and guidance. It all comes through putting the body into a state of relaxation through breathing so you can release, reset, let go, and receive. “I find that some of my biggest releases and transformational moments have come through really good breathwork,” Natalie says. 

Mindfulness is another thing she really enjoys practicing. She feels lucky to have been able to travel the world with her old job. Going to many different countries, meeting many different people, and having different experiences have enriched Natalie into having a greater awareness of people. 

She says working in film can be a really high-pressure environment with really long hours and it lets you witness people at their worst and their best. “You can see the human condition in all states of awareness, which helps,” she says. Natalie has always been an empath and a sensitive person so working in film was a lot to navigate. 

Her 2022 theme is all about play, pleasure, and fun because sometimes she says she can be a bit too serious. Once she experiences some pleasure, she becomes a better channeller, which is a win for her and everyone else around her.  



What are some things that Natalie is doing to add more pleasure, ease, and abundance to her life?

She got a puppy, who’s keeping her on her toes. “I think he’s really mirroring back to me the need for play and taking breaks– that has been huge,” she says. 

She is taking singing lessons that have been really powerful in finding pleasure, and she finds ease in cooking. In addition, Natalie started horse riding. In every lesson, she’s learning more about horse’s body, their energy, and their personality.



Tivi’s mentor said, “Do not delay ease” so that is her mantra for this year. “Why is society set up for us to delay ease?” Tivi wonders. 

“So that we are not in our power,” says Natalie. “There are so many distractions that stop us from being at our ease. There’s so much that can take us off our balance and off-center every single day.” 

She says the distractions come from watching the news, scrolling social media, and other things. She doesn’t recommend avoiding all of it and instead recognizing the consistency of the distractions that are stopping us from being at our ease. 

“Turn off all the distractions for a couple of days and just be at your ease. We are supposed to be living with ease and pleasure but of course, we are going to have human experiences with everything happening. If there’s anything that the last couple of years have taught us is finding ease, joy, and play in the small things,” Natalie says. 



When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Natalie says “the spiritual business” is still part of the systems and structures that need to change. “As a white woman with blonde hair in the wellness industry, it’s up to me to be a part of that change,” Natalie says. 

She understands that the system is set up for her to succeed, but what about other people who are just as or even more gifted with important things to share? Natalie says she has to be a part of that change, and fight for equality so that others can be more seen and heard. 

Tivi says some people’s activism can be performative, but she genuinely believes that others have the best intentions in mind.  

“There seems to be a lot of talk but not a lot of change,” Natalie says, and adds that it’s about “listening and seeing the energy behind things. I really think that the power of the energetics can also be a part of that change.” 


What’s Natalie’s advice for people who want to start improving their intuition? “Slow down,” she says. 

She points out that it was fascinating to witness people at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic say that they started having more vivid dreams and experiences because they slowed down and didn’t pack everything into one day. 

“If you want to tap into your intuition, slow down and start noticing what’s around you,” Natalie says. 

 Natalie believes it’s really powerful to start noticing the signs, feelings, and patterns of everything around you– whether they come from TV shows, movies, conversations, or overhearing. She loves receiving those intuitive messages with the same word. “And I’m like OK, I get the message,” she says. 

“Start listening to the themes and patterns around you and also honoring the body and what it’s trying to communicate to you, especially during these challenging times. It’s going to give you that space to connect to your own inner knowing and awareness, that power that’s guiding you, even when you don’t know it is,” Natalie says. 

Most importantly, trust that you already have access to your intuition. Trust is so crucial that Natalie started using the term “radical trust” to trust your inner knowing, the body, and the messages. 

“There’s no such thing as a coincidence in my vocabulary,” Natalie laughs. 

A lot of people don’t trust their bodies. “Start small, don’t put too much pressure on it, and just allow it to unfold around you. It will help,” Natalie advises. 



Natalie says right now there’s a big shift in our identity and our essence so she says if you’re someone who’s going through a lot of change and transformation, whether it’s related to your business or career– start with yourself.  

“It starts with your essence and when you are in your essence and in your power, the rest will slot into place with your business, career, and your own soul gift,” Natalie says. 

According to Natalie, the year 2022 is all about self-growth and development. 

How do you use your intuition in your everyday life? Let us know on social media @heyawesomegirls! 


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