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Creating awesome


...for boss businesses
Making the world more beautiful, one project at a time

Hey Awesome Girl is a creative agency focused on crafting beautiful, valuable and authentic campaigns for boss businesses.

We build communications plans, marketing campaigns, websites, books and more.

We love dark chocolate, Box Heelers, and millennial pink.

We laugh, curse and play every. single. day.


Let’s be real…

Branding and communications aren’t your thing. Plus, you want to focus on your business. Not how to craft a public image, build relationships with the media or build a website.
The solution? A boss company that’s brand savvy, a streamlined process, and lots of loving support. Say “peace out”✌🏾 to overwhelm and frustration and have a boss brand ASAP!

3 months from now...

…You could have a beautiful, stunningly engaging brand and a marketing communications plan to boot.

No more brand shame. No more jerry-rigging things together. No more reactionary living.

Just more time to focus on your work. More compliments from your peers. More “this is what I’m meant to do” moments.

More heart eyes at you, girl. 😍

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Art + Science

Stand out from the crowd with a brand and marketing communications strategy that attracts and retains your dream audience.

Awesome brand + communications for the boss, beautiful, bookish and badass.

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